Kashgar 喀什


Kashgar is the China’s westernmost city, which located at western edge of southern part of Xin Jiang Uighur Autonomous Region. Facing the Taklamakan Desert in the east, Pamir Plateau in the west, the Karakorum Mountains Range and Ali Area of Tibet in the south. The popula-
tion of Kashgar is 0.6 million and the Uighur, which is the main minority ethnic of Kashgar, takes the percentage of 82.8 in the total.
Kashgar city is the political, economic, cultural, transportation and religious center of Xin Jiang Uighur Autonomous Region.
More over, Kashgar is also one of a marvelous town of famous “Silk Road”, wihich connected the ancient China with Europe. The history of Kashgar is over 2000 years.